Willo Historic Neighborhood

December 2019 Zoning Update

Dec. 4, 2019 at 2:30 p.m. Z-41-19 – Phoenix City Council Meeting – Amend City Code – Ordinance Adoption – Rezoning Application Z-41-19-4 – Northwest Corner of Central Avenue and Thomas Road (Ordinance G-6647)

Request to amend the Phoenix Zoning Ordinance, Section 601, the Zoning Map of the City of Phoenix, by adopting Rezoning Application Z-41-19-4 and rezone the site from C-2 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R HGT/WVR PKG/WVR TOD-1), R-4 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R HGT/WVR PKG/WVR TOD-1), and P-1 TOD-1 (Approved C-2 H-R HGT/WVR PKG/WVR TOD-1) to WU Code T6:HWR MT.

NOTE: Plans for the site include two digital billboards and one static billboard attached to the South (facing toward Willo), North and East facades of the building, as well as vertical LED light fixtures on the building that extend as high as 70′. See rendering here. Residents with questions or concerns should plan to attend the meeting.

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