Mini Bike Clinic

Published on 02/19/2020 • Posted in

Saturday, March 21 Walton Park (3rd Avenue and Holly/Monte Vista) 10:00 a.m. – Noon

Has it been a while since your bike has been out of the garage or the shed? Could it use a bit of a tune up? Maybe you need to fix a flat tire and you’re unsure how to do it. Bring your ride toWalton Park and hopefully we can get it ready to go. We will have a few bike mechanics on hand to help. They will have some small parts available for purchase, like tubes and patch kits.Bring cash or a credit card to pay for the parts you need, then donate what you wish for the mechanics’ time and effort. Be aware that this is a MINI clinic, so we will not have the tools necessary for major repairs or anything too complicated, but we will be able to refer you to local bike shops for more information.

Volunteers from the Rusty Spoke Community Bicycle Collective will be there selling bikes, too. If you find that your old bike isn’t up to speed, maybe you’ll ride away on one that’s new-to-you.

Luana’s Coffee Truck will be on site as well, with a selection of pastries and coffee drinks, so everyone is welcome to come out and support this local business.Finally, we will be joined by officers from the Phoenix Police Department’s bicycle registration program, so if you haven’t registered your bikes yet, bring them on down.

Bike to the Bar(s), Saturday, March 21 Afternoon start time TBD
After you get your bike cleaned up in the morning, get ready to ride in the afternoon. Details are still pending, but the plan is to meet up at Walton Park in the afternoon, around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. Then we will cruise around for a couple of miles before ending up at a bar for a refreshing cocktail or two. Maybe even two bars for a mini pub crawl!

Since this is the Social Committee’s first time organizing a Bike to the Bar event, we’ll start small with just one or two destinations and a short ride, but if participants enjoy it, there’s always room to expand the event in the future. If you are interested in joining us for this 21-and-over bike ride on Saturday afternoon, make sure you’re on the Social Committee’s email list. Send a message to to sign up, then look for further information prior to the event on March 21.