Willo Bike Lane Repairs

Published on 01/26/2022 • Posted in

We have some good news! We received word that repairs to our bike lanes are underway (see below). Thanks to everyone who has voiced their concerns about the condition of our bike lanes. We have been heard!
“Good morning. I wanted to let you know that today we started the repairs to the bike lanes through Willo that we received complaints about last year (see below).
I apologize for the delays on getting this taken care of, but we had some paving equipment that needed repairs, and we had to work out the right and appropriate repair protocol.
We are doing a repaving effort to address the pavement condition in the bike lanes. Work should be complete by the middle of next week, and re-striping make take a few weeks beyond the pavement work.
Have a great day!”
Kini L.E. Knudson
Street Transportation Department
City of Phoenix