Important update on 3rd/5th Ave Project

Published on 04/08/2022 • Posted in ,

For those who attended this morning’s Council 4-City of Phoenix Budget Call (special thanks to Board Members, and many other Willo residents for attending today)…..our Councilwoman, Laura Pastor announced the multi-million dollar funding for the CONSTRUCTION OF 3RD/5TH AVENUE TO BEGIN THIS FALL OF 2022….YES THIS FALL OF 2022.
THIS JOURNEY BEGAN ALMOST 6 YEARS AGO. ..MY HEARTFELT THANKS TO Opal Wagner, Nikki Armstrong, Lara Sands, and Lisa Helm, all former and current Chairpersons of Vision 3.5 and to all Committee members over the years.
Details will be discussed at the April, and May Board Meetings.
We thank the City for supporting Willo, and special thanks to Laura Pastor, our Mayor, and Kini Knudson, Director of Streets and Transportation.
This is a historical day for Willo, and for the safety of all City of Phoenix residents, Willo residents as well as all our neighbors, friends and children.
Thank you for being part of Willo, Bob Cannon, President, WNA