Update on Construction Timeline – Response from the City of Phoenix

Published on 10/09/2023 • Posted in

Good Afternoon Bob,

Thank You for your patience while we consulted with the 2 contractors for the projects on 3rd and 5th Avenue.

We’ve asked both contractors to minimize and attempt not to have any open excavation on Monday and Tuesday for Halloween.

Following Halloween, on 3rd Ave and 5th Avenue, most if not all of the sidewalk curb ramp construction will be completed with the exception of a couple of corners where additional land acquisition is still being acquired. There is not a firm date when this will take place, but it should happen before next March.

After November, what could be expected is the construction of street lighting which will require traffic restriction on one side of the road at a time, and the installation of drywells in the pavement on 3rd Ave. The installation of these items is pending approvals and submittals that the project team is working through.

Finally, the planned pavement overlay will take place in the spring, which will be followed by the installation of the median curb, striping, and signage.

We are happy to coordinate construction activities around any planned events in Willo to minimize the disruption. If you could provide us with all of your events this fall that you would like us to coordinate with you that would be helpful. Jose Rodriguez who is copied on this email will be your point of contact for that coordination going forward.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Have a great weekend!

Thank You,

Briiana Velez, P.E.

Assistant Street Transportation Director
City of Phoenix – Street Transportation Department

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Phoenix, Arizona 85003
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