Update on 3rd/5th Aves. Construction

Published on 04/18/2024 • Posted in

Update on 3rd Avenue construction and what is next for 5th Avenue and intersections at Thomas/3rd Ave.

Construction on 3rd Avenue will continue for the next few weeks, and the barriers for the two-way bike lanes will continue.

Upcoming will be:

STOP Signs will be installed at Encanto Blvd/3rd Ave.

(STOP signs will also be eventually installed at Encanto Blvd/5th Ave)

Speed humps on 3rd/5th Avenues will be re-installed.

    5th Avenue: Expect major construction on 5th Ave. to begin shortly and last into the summer months.

    3rd/Thomas Intersection: The city will reconfigure This Intersection and probably construct it in early 2025. I will share information on the 5th Avenue/Thomas intersection when I know more.

    This website, under 3rd/5th Avenue, has a complete timeline dating back 6 years.

    Thank you to the many Willo volunteers who participated in the multi-year planning and budgeting process and to our City Leaders for recognizing and supporting the Willo Conservation Plan. This project proves consistent community diplomatic involvement and working with elected officials can work.

    Thank you,

    Bob Cannon – WNA President Emeritus & Chair 3rd/5th Ave Committee