3rd/5th Avenue Project Update

Published on 06/15/2024 • Posted in ,

3rd Avenue:

  1. Striping and signage are to be installed by July 15, 2024, per the City.
  2. Speed limit signs are a high priority to be replaced, and multiple e-mails and messages have been sent to the Streets Dept.
  3. Some pavement issues will be corrected as well…

We are getting close to the finish line on 3rd Avenue now.

5th Avenue:

Bottom Line: The construction is delayed due to final details on securing “Right of Way” (ROW*). We can expect this project to be completed by December 2024.

As a reminder, your tax dollars are paying for these projects and NOT the Willo Treasury. For those that are new to the neighborhood or would like some historical perspecitve of this now 7 year planning journey, please consult willophx.com under 3rd/5th Avenue.

Also, the potential change of changing the lightpoles from silver to a different color will be addressed soon. For now, focus is on finishing 3rd Avenue and getting 5th Avenue started.

Thank you for all for your patience and being part of Willo.

Happy Father’s Day weekend to everyone!

Bob Robert Cannon

*Right of way is a legal term used in a variety of related ways. In some cases, a right of way is also a specific type of easement. It can be a right, established by a grant from a landowner or long usage (i.e., by easement by prescription), to pass along a specific route through property belonging to another. This applies to 5th Avenue NORTH ONLY of Encanto Blvd on the West side for a few property owners, and the City has been working with them for the past year. These are minor easement changes, and the project is on track to finish at the end of 2024.