Encanto Village Planning Committee

The City of Phoenix is divided into 15 urban Villages. Each Village has a Village Planning Committee (VPC) appointed by Mayor & City Council. The VPCs assist the Planning Commission in the performance of its duties. VPCs are part of the Planning & Development Department.

The Committees help identify areas or provisions of the General Plan text that need refinement and updating; identify problems and needs related to implementation of the General Plan; define in greater detail the intended future function, density and character of subareas of the village; and comment on proposals for new zoning districts or land use districts.

The Willo neighborhood is in the Encanto Village.  The core of Encanto Village is the Park Central Shopping Center and surrounding mid-density area. The core also contains a portion of the Central Avenue Corridor, where commercial, high-rise office and high-rise residential development co-exist.

Encanto Village is bounded by McDowell Road on the south, I-17 on the west and the Grand Canal on the north and east.  Included within the Encanto Village are several historic neighborhoods including Willo, Encanto-Palmcroft, Encanto Manor, Encanto Vista, Fairview Place, Del Norte Place, Villa Verde, Margarita Place, North Encanto, Campus Vista, Woodlea, Yaple Park, Idylwilde Park, Cheery Lynn, Earll Place, La Hacienda, Alvarado, Ashland Place, East Alvarado, Los Olivos, Coronado, Country Club Park, Brentwood and East Evergreen.

The Encanto Village Planning Committee generally meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:15 p.m. in the Willo Conference Room (Phoenix College) at 3310 N. 10th Avenue.  The committee consists of 21 members, who are appointed by City Council members and the Mayor.  The committee makes recommendations on zoning applications prior to being heard by the Planning Commission and City Council.  Currently, it is working on the development of a Village Character Plan.

The agenda for each meeting can be found at this link. Hannah Oliver is the Planning Department's Village Planner for Encanto, Hannah can be reached at (602) 256-5648.

Willo Zoning Committee

The Willo Zoning Committee supports the Willo Conservation Plan by staying informed on planning and zoning matters affecting Willo and the surrounding area, communicating with the Willo Neighborhood Association Board on zoning matters, and fielding questions and concerns from Willo residents on planning and zoning issues, including historic preservation.

We provide updates to Willo residents on zoning matters at our monthly neighborhood association meeting and through articles in the Inside Willo newsmagazine and our neighborhood website, willophx.com.

The Zoning Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing notices that the Willo Neighborhood Association receives on planning and zoning matters.
  • Attending neighborhood meetings, hearing officer meetings, zoning adjustment hearings, historic preservation hearings, Village Planning Committee meetings, Planning Commission hearings, City Council meetings, etc., to gather information, conduct research and provide information to the Willo Neighborhood Association, along with any recommendations.

In conjunction with the Willo Neighborhood Association Board, and pursuant to Willo’s Bylaws, the Willo Zoning Committee's goal is to form a core of informed and knowledgeable members who can provide assistance to our neighbors on any zoning challenges Willo may face. We meet on an as-needed basis to address specific zoning issues and concerns.