Updates on Hance Park/I-10 tunnel maintenance

Published on 06/30/2015 • Posted in

From City of Phoenix Parks & Recreation:

Hance Park Community –As you know, Phase I of the ADOT repair project is well under way and includes work in areas west of the Central Avenue bridge, including work inside the Japanese Friendship Garden.  Phase I repairs and renovation work will take place June-November.  Phase II will include work east of the Central Avenue bridge and will take place August 10 through early December.  As a reminder this work is being completed by ADOT to mitigate water infiltration into the I-10 Tunnel which is a safety concern.  Part of this process requires them to dig multiple 20-30 foot wide trenches throughout the park to make these repairs.  To make the necessary repairs, they must also install a water proof barrier which requires us to shut down the irrigation system intermittently throughout the project.  As a result you will see the turf impacted by this.  Please know that maintenance staff will hand water any areas of concern and have also installed a temporary irrigation system within the boundaries of the Japanese Friendship Garden.  Staff continues to work closely with ADOT and our partners who are impacted by the project.  We will also be providing some signage in key areas of the park to notify residents that the construction is related to the ADOT repair work.

Also, we are looking forward to re-opening the dog parks on July 1.  As you know the dog parks are heavily used which has a significant impact on the turf.  Over the past few weeks maintenance staff has worked hard to hydroseed the park and perform maintenance to get them in top shape.  We hope you will enjoy the lush green grass when we re-open!

As usual we appreciate your on-going support.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

Cynthia Aguilar, Deputy Director
City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation
Office: 602.262.4572