Phoenix Police Warn of Potential Scam

Published on 07/01/2018 • Posted in

The Phoenix Police Department wants to help our community be aware of a potential scam:

Method of operation-

Female will approach victims at the pumps and poses as an employee. She will say the pump needs to be activated inside the store and that she will do it for the victim.

Victim hands her the debit card and provides the pin code. Suspect then enters the store and withdraws money from the atm. Sometimes she activates the pump before leaving the store and gives the debit card back to the victim.

Sometimes she doesn’t activate the pump the first time, has the victim try the pump again (unsuccessfully), goes back in the store and withdraws more money, then she activates the pump.

Sometimes she withdraws ATM money and leaves the store completely.

· To report crime happening, call 911.
· To report crime that has occurred, call crime stop at 602.262.6151.