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The Annual G.A.I.N Event and Willo Yard Sale


Mark your calendar now!

Annual G.A.I.N. Event
Saturday, October 19, 2019
7am – 10am

In conjunction with the Willo Fall Yard Sale from 7:00 am to 10:00 am, G.A.I.N. (Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods) is put on by the City of Phoenix and hosted in Willo by the Block Watch Committee.

G.A.I.N. is a day for Arizona to join forces and promote awareness, safety and neighborhood unity. G.A.I.N. showcases the importance of police-community partnerships and citizen involvement in our fight for a safer Arizona. On G.A.I.N. day we invite neighborhoods to come together and make their community a safer, better place to live.

There will be a neighborhood breakfast at Walton Park on the corner of Monte Vista and 3rd Avenue, sponsored by your Willo Neighborhood Association. This is a great opportunity to meet neighbors from Almeria to Edgemont, chat with our Phoenix Police officers about security and safety, register bicycles with the Phoenix Police Department, and learn more about Block Watch from your Captains.

Everyone in Willo is invited to come to Walton Park and grab some breakfast, enjoy the cooler weather and then peruse our annual Fall Yard Sale going on throughout the neighborhood.

This is also a call for volunteers to cook, serve and clean up after the event. If you’d like to help, it would be thoroughly appreciated. Please contact Brad Brauer at 602.690.1400 or Breakfast for the past few years has included breakfast burritos, pancakes, and some amazing coffee. Come join us, meet some new people and maybe learn something new.

Annual Fall Yard Sale
Saturday, October 19, 2019
7am – 1pm

“Willo rules as a trash-picking destination… Recent trips through Willo alleys yielded a solid wood front door and an oak table.” Phoenix New Times

THE WILLO NEIGHBORHOOD Fall Yard Sale is just around the corner! Rummaging is one of life’s pleasures, and rummaging through your neighbor’s stuff is so much better! Imagine the treasures you will find for sale throughout the Willo… Maybe one of your neighbors is a hoarder of beautiful antiques or glassware? Maybe there is a kid that has grown out of their clothing? Or maybe, just maybe, someone is trying to offload their grandmother’s silver?! There will be a sale maps available at participating homes!

Don’t miss out on the Willo Neighborhood Fall Yard Sale. More information on specific houses and a map as we get closer to the date.

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