Willo Historic Neighborhood

Update-5G Small Structures in Willo


A meeting was held on Friday, April 11th hosted by the City of Phoenix near the Orpheum Theater Courtyard on Adams Street. The City selected the location and invited Linda Doescher, Tom Doescher (Willo Zoning Committee Chair) and Opal Wagner, Willo Board Member (3.5 Traffic & Safety Action Committee Chair), and 4 Verizon representatives.  The meeting was held outside, and all social distancing measures were in place. Click here for more information.

Original post on 3/29/20

The issue of 5G Cell Towers in Willo came to light when a permit was issued by the City of Phoenix for a 5G Cell Tower at the NW corner of 5th Avenue and Coronado. The permit was issued by the City of Phoenix without proper disclosure to the Historic Preservation Office or the Willo Neighborhood Association.  Click here for more information.

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