Willo Historic Neighborhood

5G Update

5G will be installed in our neighborhood. Four of the sites are confirmed, and we are still
working on resolving the issues at 5th/Coronado. The 5 sites are listed below.

Special Thanks to Opal Wagner, and Tom Doescher for working with Willo President Cannon,
along with the City, and Verizon for being collaborative as we try to balance modern technology
with our Historical Neighborhood.

Communication and Timing:
The City of Phoenix is responsible for communicating to all direct stakeholders and Tom will
reach out as well. Expect at least four of the sites to be installed by end of Summer (Coronado
may be an exception for now).

We are doing our best to communicate with specific credible advanced information as listed
above, and below. We continue to balance advanced technology with the historical perspective
of our neighborhood. Since many of our children, and workforce are working from home these
days, we wasted no time in getting this issue of 5G to the forefront for resolution.
It is very refreshing to have Verizon and the City work with us in a collaborative fashion.
I know we will not make everyone happy, but we are trying our best.

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