Central/Thomas NW Corner Office Project (vacant land)

The developers attended the June 2019 meeting to present this project, and over the past 18 months, myself and several Board Members collaborated to mitigate any potential digital billboard issues. We attended City Council, Zoning Hearings, Village Planning Meetings, Board of Adjustment Hearings….the project was supported by all of these Board/Groups. This project can complete the Central Park Corridor area, and provide future employment for the growing health care business community is this sector at Central/Thomas. The potential foot traffic can support our local businesses and assist in getting people back to work. Also, this was NOT another apartment complex. The Board has addressed the Central/Thomas NW Corner project multiple times at numerous Board Meetings over the last 16 months, and more details can be found on willophx.com.

I am very sad to share legal action has now been filed by the Urban Phoenix Project, and Arcadia Osborn Neighborhood Association. Willo is NOT involved in any legal action. The future of this project is now unknown at this time. We should have an update at the November Board Meeting. No project is perfect. Finding common ground and moving forward to complete this vacant corner at Central/Thomas was our focus. This vacant lot is an eye sore. We need to get people back to work. This project would enhance the Central Park Mall area. Willo is the closest (100 feet) and the immediate impacted neighborhood….not Arcadia Osborn or Urban Phoenix Project. More information will be presented at the November Willo Board Meeting.

Thank you for your support.

Bob Cannon, Willo President

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