Feral cat population

Published on 04/24/2021 • Posted in

Please Help Control the Feral Cat Population in Willo — it’s Free! IT’S  THAT  TIME  OF  YEAR  AGAIN! Spring  is  in  the  air,  and  kitten  season  is  upon  us.  Each street in Willo has them—neighbor cats living under  our  homes,  in  the  alleys,  in our  yards,  that  don’t  seem  to  belong  to  anyone.  They  just  live  in  Willo and are fed by the generosity of residents. You may  be  bothered  by  our  four-legged  neighbors,  but  they add great value to our neighborhood by helping us  control  the rodent  population.  By  nature,  they  “stake  out”  their  territory  and  keep  other  feral  cats  from  coming  onto  the  Willo  street  they  occupy.  If  you  are  feeding  any  outdoor  cats,  please  make  sure  they are all spayed or neutered. If you see a new cat, please  check  around  to  see  if  she’s  someone’s  pet  or  is  new  to  the  neighborhood  and  needs  a  Willo Welcome!  You  can  help  stop  the  birth  of  unwanted  kittens   and   yowling,   fighting,   and   spraying   that   comes this time of year.   The   Willo   Neighborhood   will   help   by   covering   the  cost  of  spay/neuter  for  cats  in  the  neighborhood.  For   more    information,    please    contact    the    Animal    Defense  League  of  Arizona’s  Spay  Neuter  Hotline  at  602.265.7729 or visit ADLA’s website and use their handy online  form https://adlaz.org/spay-neuter-hotline/outdoor-cats/.  Please mention that you live in Willo! Be a Lifesaver for Outdoor Cats!