Zoning Adjustment Hearing For Raising Canes Chicken Fingers

Published on 04/26/2021 • Posted in

Raising Canes has recently filed a Zoning Adjustment application ZA-227-21 for a site located at 2816 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85007. The request is for a:

1) Use permit to allow outdoor dining as an accessory use to a restaurant (Raising Cane’s). Use permit required. (Section 622.D.150.d)

2) Use permit to allow drive-through facility accessory to a restaurant (Raising Cane’s) within 300 feet from a residential zoning district. Use permit required. (Section 622.D.150.e.2)

3) Variance to reduce the required street side landscape setback (7th Avenue) to 12 foot average and 12 foot minimum. 25 foot average and 20 foot minimum for up to 50% of structures

required. (Section 622. E.4.e)

4) Variance to allow 0-foot landscape not adjacent to a street (west). Minimum 10-foot landscape setback required. (Section 622.E.4.e)

5) Variance to allow a 6-foot landscape not adjacent to a street (south). Minimum 10-foot landscape setback. (Section 622.E.4.e)

The hearing will be held virtually On Thursday June 17 2021 (06/17/2021) at 1:30pm MST. To participate, see instructions on the agenda available on the Pubic Meeting Notices Website: http://www.phoenix.gov/cityclerk/publicmeetings/notices