2020-Willo Streets and Traffic Safety Committee Update

Published on 12/15/2020 • Posted in ,

5th Avenue Pedestrian Infrastructure: At the December Willo Board meeting, City of Phoenix Streets Transportation Director Kini Knudson and Traffic Planner/Project Manager Chris Manno gave an update on options for future pedestrian infrastructure on 5th Ave. between Encanto Blvd. and Thomas Rd. The options presented (which would minimize disruption to existing driveways, etc. currently in the right of way) included 5-foot pedestrian pathways at street level next to the existing curb on both sides of 5th Ave. (Option 1 above) vs. 5-foot raised sidewalks (Option 2 above). The estimated cost of the pedestrian pathways is $350,000. The estimated cost of raised sidewalks would be 5 to 6 times that amount. At present, the City of Phoenix does not have funds allocated to complete the project, but Mr. Knudson said the prospect of securing funding for the pedestrian pathways (and perhaps some landscaping for shade) is far more likely than being able to pay for the additional cost of raised sidewalks. The Streets and Transportation Department plans to hold another virtual public meeting in February 2021 to gain public input for the 60% phase of the 3rd and 5th Avenues North of McDowell re-design. For the latest updates, please check this website and the City’s webpage for this project at