Help Control Our Outdoor Cat Population

Published on 05/21/2023 • Posted in

EACH STREET IN WILLO has them – neighbor cats living under our homes, in the alleys, in our yards, and they don’t seem to belong to anyone; they live outdoors and are fed by the generosity of residents. You may be bothered by our four-legged neighbors, but they add great value to our neighborhood by
helping us control the rodent population. Also, by nature, they “stake out” their territory and keep other feral cats from entering the Willo street they inhabit. It is important for neighbors to coexist with our furry neighbors and help the outdoor cats live healthy and happily. Experts explain that as outdoor cats reproduce – sometimes up to 12 new kittens per year from one cat – the food supply they compete
for diminishes, so many go undernourished. Additionally, with more and more cats concentrated in one location, disease and competition become adverse issues. Taking the time to spay/neuter the existing outdoor cats will help us prevent additional cats from entering our neighborhood while also controlling the number of outdoor cats in Willo, ensuring the current cats live a healthier life. The Willo neighborhood Association Board appreciates that, as a neighborhood, we need to help address and control our outdoor cat population. We have approved a program that partners with the Animal Defense League of Arizona’s Spay/Neuter program.

FIRST: Contact the Spay Neuter Hotline at spay-neuter-hotline/outdoor-cats/ new- request-for-tnr-services-2/ or 602-265-7729 to make a FREE appointment with a local, participating
veterinarian. The cost, up to $35.00, will be covered by the Willo neighborhood. The Willo neighbor
will have to provide a Willo address to TNR and be willing to trap and bring the cat(s) to the vet for the surgery.

SECOND: Trap the cat(s) prior to your vet appointment. Traps can be obtained from TNR if needed, or contact Willo resident Lisa Burke (Cambridge) at for coaching and/or trap loans.

THIRD: On the day of your FREE vet appointment, you must take the cat(s) to your assigned vet for

FOURTH: After 24 hours, return the altered cat to the same location where you trapped them. Many thanks to Willo animal lovers for helping us control animal homelessness through spay and neutering.

CONTACT: The Animal Defense League of Arizona at 602-265-7729 or at
for more information