3rd/5th Avenue Construction Update

Published on 07/09/2023 • Posted in ,

3rd Avenue: Construction is moving along, and will now focus on sidewalks on the West Side of 3rd Avenue, finish the roundabout on Encanto Blvd, then move onto the dual bike lane on the East side of 3rd.  

5th Avenue: The City has finished the “bollard” alternative plan specifically addressing the bollards and will communicate the plan very shortly. The specific method of “communication” is being planned and will be updated soon.  

3rd Avenue/Thomas: This will not begin until at least Fall of 2023 as the City is working on the plans to reconfigure this entire intersection. More to follow.

Please be courteous and obey the speed limit, and do not roll through stop signs as construction vehicles are in our neighborhood. 

Please respect the construction workers as they are working in this incredible heat we have right now.  

If you are new to the neighborhood, please review this section for a chronological timeline, updates, and official communications to the City on this now six-year project.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me directly at rlcannon7@gmail.com  

Thank you for being part of Willo.