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  • Special thanks to many of you for taking the time to attend the 36-minute Willo Neighborhood Association Meeting on July 27th via ZOOM. The meeting was well attended!
  • The revised plan was presented along with questions/feedback.
  • I have confirmed a TOTAL of 22 yellow post delineations (as shown in the plan) will be installed at critical intersections for safety protection.
  • An example was clearly on the plan.
  • To clarify, only a total of 22 will be placed along 5th Avenue for added safety.
  • The Board has voted ALL in favor of moving forward with the revised plan.
  • Construction is slated to begin in September of 2023.
  • Please refer to the timeline under 3rd/5th for information/reference points on this project.
  • Thank you for being part of Willo – Dr. Bob Cannon, Chair, 3rd/5th Avenue Committee
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  • After nearly 7 months since the Board rejected the 5th Avenue “Bollard Plan”, I am pleased to present the alternative plan to the “bollards.”
  • As many of you know, we are now in Year 6 of the project. During the July 27th Zoom meeting we will specifically discuss 5th Avenue only. (3rd Avenue is done, and we are moving forward)
  • As a committee of one, I support this plan as this plan considers many factors previously discussed in November 2022.
  • Along with 2 City Streets Officials, I will review the plan on Thursday.
  • After the discussion on 5th Avenue, we will take general questions on the project.

Highlights are:

Parking options are now in the plans for South of Encanto Blvd on BOTH sides of 5th Avenue.

The plan will protect pedestrians and bikes, and ensure the best possible safety design.

Of course, it is impossible to make everyone happy.  We are all volunteers trying to support the Willo Conservation Plan.

I have applied pressure to the City to get 5th Avenue moving forward, as we have had enough delays.

Thank you,

Bob Cannon

Please read the plan….then read it again.

We have done our best to provide a concise plan consistent with what has already been approved for 5th Avenue by the previous Board.

POWERPOINT 5th Ave Delineation Alternatives_Willo

To attend the Zoom meeting, please sign in using the Zoom app:https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83488290680…