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Willo Luminaria Display 2022

LUMINARIA 2022 WHATWHENWHERERegistrationNOW thru FRI 12/15 Up SuppliesSAT 12/17 10:00 – 1:0060 W LEWIS AVEBuild Party12/17 - 12/23TBD by the Block CaptainPlacementFRI 12/23Your BlockGroup Bike ...

Open Block Watch Captain Positions

Willo neighbors, please consider strengthening our neighborhood Block Watch program by volunteering for a vacant Block Watch Captain position, please see the accompanying map. If ...

Presentation by Dr. Cannon and others to City Hall on Aug. 16, 2022

You can find the presentation that Dr. Cannon and others made to City Hall regarding 78 W. Cypress here

Reduce, Reuse, Deconstruct?

By, Tricia Amato (Lewis) Living in an old house often means remodeling projects, whether replacing a worn-out historic element or putting in a whole new ...

Letter regarding Central/Thomas High-Rise

President Bob Cannon recently sent a letter regarding the Central/Thomas High Rise Development. You can read it here

Response to City’s letter

The Willo Neighborhood Association sent a letter in response to the recent letter from the City Manager. You can read it here

Preservation… Phoenix Style!

By Tricia Amato (Lewis) We all love our historic neighborhoods, and we like to think that there are financial, social, and environmental benefits to living ...

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